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Bring/Receive Documents

General/Operation Service

ICT Service

Legal Service

Personnel (HR) Service

Accounting Service

Accounting Unit

Issuance of Copy of Payroll (for newly hired teaching and non-teaching personnel who are not yet included in RPSU payroll)

Request for Statement of Account for Provident Fund

Request for Refund of Over-deduction (Provident Fund Loan)

Cash Section

Online Payment for BIR Stamp (embedded in the process of requesting Service Record under Personnel Section)

ICT Unit

Account Password Reset of Teaching and Non-teaching Personnel

ICT Service Request for SDO Officials and School Heads

Legal Unit

Request for Certificate of Administrative Clearance (Certificate of No Pending Case)

Personnel (HR) Section

Request for Certificate of Employment

Request for Service Record

Request for Certificate of PhilHealth Remittances and Philhealth CSF/CF1

Request for Certificate of Pag-Ibig Remittances

Request for Certificate of Pag-Ibig Correction of Data

Application for Change of Name (Through the School Head)

Application for Permit to Teach (Through the School Head)

Application for Sabbatical / Study Leave (Through the School Head)

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