Continuous Improvement Symposium 2019

by: Maria Venancia P. Causon, Master Teacher I, and Maria Teresita P. Aguilar, Master Teacher I, Highway Hills Integrated School

Improvement is a continuous process therefore we strive hard as we aim for excellence.

The Schools Division Office (SDO) of Mandaluyong City conducted the 2019 Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) Symposium on March 6, 2019 at Mandaluyong Elementary School, that showcased the best CI projects of each school in the division.

CI Methodology is a tool that determines the root causes of the problems that in turn were used in addressing them effectively – it is composed of the triple A – a step by step approach in solving a problem: Access, Analyze and Act.

As CIP guides each school to provide solutions in their identified priority improvement area, it absolutely supports the school to offer better services and processes to achieve quality education. It is an on-going effort to improve processes or services. These efforts can bring incremental improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once.

The first day was booth display wherein each school featured varied CI projects and outputs used during implementation of the program.

On the second day, hosted by Mr. Valentin C. Sagun Jr. and Ms. Gerlyn C. Caratao, the program started with opening remarks of Dr. Alyn G. Mendoza, Chief Education Supervisor, CID and Division CI Coordinator, where she narrated CIP’s journey through the years. Dr. Romela M. Cruz, OIC, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent delivered her encouraging message to all CI teams and implementers to continue the passion of leading the schools in achieving its goal through the 3G’s.. Gain Give and Go. Another motivating message was given by Mrs. Emma G. Arrubio, Chief Education Supervisor, SGOD, according to her, CI ignites the fire of passion and dedication to pursue quality education in improving school processes – which is its goal.

Every participating school presented their different CI programs/projects through video presentations. Some schools exhibited their CI journey through special performances like TV Broadcasting, spoken poetry, talk show, rap, singing, interpretative dance, and speech.

Awarding of special citations was given to selected schools that excel in the different categories.

Aiming excellence is not easy but through collaborative effort, vision is possible!

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