Talamitam: An unfolding system

BEING true to its journalistic mantra, the creation of Schools Division of Mandaluyong’s official newsletter “Talamitam” will bring its strong potential in upholding the connotation of the division’s epigram as plenary. With the continuous incursion against the freedom to express, having a systematic body supporting this privilege acts as a stronghold in locally employing the rights of the press.

Aided by the issuance of Division Memorandum No. 12, S. 2021, the creation of Talamitam, alongside the confirmation of its supporting casts in maintaining this commission. The memorandum also provided series of events like the selection of writers and providing seminars in reinforcing the provisions of the newsletter.

Holding its deep essence to express or utter, the Talamitam will be a great source of information on the significant milestones of the Division and its public elementary and secondary schools. Being available through hard copy and uploaded online, staying updated in such events can be accessed easily for knowledge-hungry individuals of the city, making it more effective as a systematic body for information-sharing.

Having also local, chosen writers as members of Talamitam’s editorial board, this system serves as a place in showcasing their skills and talents in the field of journalism. As part of this community, this will also be a good training ground in molding effective and reliable journalists of Mandaluyong for them to pursue their passion in this profession.

Furthermore, the newsletter will also serve as publicity materials for various developments and improvements in different aspects of the school locality. By having a medium for sharing information, voicing out the minor and big-scale complications of the Division will indeed help it improve and be more developed for carrying out its function.

Everyone is right to be aware and informed as part of society, but with press freedom being limited to what the high-classed want the people to see, how can they be informed on the truth? Truly, even just a local body, in the presence of Talamitam, providing knowledge is significantly effective in practicing and upholding press rights, but executing it is just not enough to change something. This structure should pursue and maintain its function to develop and be more effective in staying true to its goal as a whole.

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