2019 Graduation Message of Dr. Nerissa L. Losaria, CESO VI, Officer In-Charge, Office of the Schools Division Superintedent


Warm greetings to the 2019 graduates of Elementary and Senior High School as well as the students who are moving up to the next education ladder. Special greetings to the parents who labored hard for the education of their children. Graduation day is dedicated to you!

The theme “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All” is the underlying philosophy of education in the present times as it recognizes all students and learners in their uniqueness, different circumstances  and challenges and varying needs. Schools play  important roles in implementing a curriculum that promotes equality and appreciation for ethnic/ race, cultural, language, religious and gender disparities; that despite all these, students and learners are encouraged and engaged to learn.

Teachers are key to eliminating relationship barriers that come in the form of discrimination, complacency, lack of concern, ridicule, even blindness  and insensitivity to people’s conditions. Students and learners are motivated to foster their own physical and emotional well– being and become pro– development . The  school environment provides opportunities for self– discovery, development of full potential and positive attitude. There is a balance between academic proficiency and soft skills. Intelligent learners who possess the right attitude, exuding respect and love towards other and concern for the environment propel the Department of Education to promote inclusivity through inclusive education.

The Schools Division Office is performing its roles– mainly on program implementation for development interventions  for teachers and student/ learners; technical assistance to schools  and on partnership with stakeholders who generously provide for the education of our Mandaluyong students/ learners. The stakeholders include among others, of  Offices of the Mayor and Congresswoman whose education agenda is very much felt in the services and resources provided to public schools in the City of Mandaluyong. We give  due credit heads in Elementary, Secondary and Integrated schools.

Well– grounded graduates and progressive learners inspire us in our work. We are guaranteed of potential/ future leaders in the local, ASEAN and global communities .




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