BE-LCP: The Response to Adversity of Continuing Education

THE Department of Education (DepEd) is an advocate of learning for a reason – launching a program that might benefit the Philippines for a lifetime.

DepEd’s implementation of Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) is a forever milestone for the agency and country’s system. DepEd instantaneously implemented their proposal to overcome obstacle created by the disaster through innovative means of teaching and learning.

Everything has been well-planned in the execution and focused on the four aspects of continuity plan via communications, materials, learning activities and assignments, and assessments. The features were geared towards distance learning to keep our teachers and students safe include the ways of direct teaching, contents of lesson, activities that would facilitate learning, and means of measuring the students’ learning progress despite the pandemic education adjustments.

Distance Learning became the central theme of BE-LCP. Regardless of unnormalizing the unfortunate situations amidst the pandemic, the crisis upswings the education department’s program with technology.

Collaborative platforms like Google Meet, Discord, Zoom and MS Teams provided venue for virtual classes by facilitating discussions and conduct activities with presentation slides. The use of Messenger, Google Drive and Gmail are convenient in paper submissions while Quipper School and Kahoot are worthwhile assessment applications for students.

Modular Distance Learning also created an impact for students’ continuous progress. The educators and non-teaching personnel have joined forces in properly distributing the modules to parents and students. The learning scheme deemed flexible in implementing assessments without sacrificing its credibility.

No one can also forget about the achievement of TV and radio-based instructions which greatly helped students in instant learning in only 15 minutes. DepEd utilized learning materials to converted video lessons. The program has been viewed by millions of students, not only in TV but also in social media.

Responding to adversities have never been new for DepEd. Everything is a long way for the perfect plan and implementation of the program but one thing is for sure – BE-LCP is the key in the education’s success amidst the crisis.

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