Green is a new trend

Kyla Mae A. Rebay, Campus Journalist – MPNAG

FOR THE past two years, the world has been in pandemic mode. The infection is still spreading, quarantines and lockdowns are becoming the new normal. Most of us were stuck in our houses for a long period of time due to the coronavirus outbreak. And so, planting and gardening are known as calming activities and many people were taking up this outdoor/indoor activity hobby because COVID had such a big impact on our way of living. 

Before this pandemic, we could see that people were enjoying hanging outside, working hard and posting their OOTDs or outfits of the day. But today posting their plant collections, interior and exterior landscape decors are the new trend. Others were also flexing their DIY or “do it yourself” pots, handcrafted planters, and a photo of them enjoying gardening. Some people find gardening as a stress reliever and a therapy. Planting makes their mental health balance since we have something to be done at our homes. 

We all knew that due to the pandemic, thousands of people lost their jobs and some of them started to venture to become an official “plantito” or “plantita” and sell what they made online. This is a good start for the people who just sit and do nothing all day. 

Based on an online article about the rising number of plantito’s and plantita’s, majority of them said that having plants at home is another breathing space and the air they breathe is clean.

Every plant buddy believes that this is extremely therapeutic and a big psychic reward for having such a thing that you have been taken care of. 

Although the world is resisting the virus spreading, the utmost thing we can ever do is to follow the government orders. Finding something you can spend your time on and enjoy at your home or joining the green trend would be one of the finest things.

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