#LookingBack: Project LEARN boosts reading proficiency amid distance learning

by: Normita C. Lozano, DPCGES

DETERMINED to boost the academic performance of Grade 1 pupils, select teachers of Doña Pilar C. Gonzaga Elementary School (DPCGES) investigated the reading problems of learners through the Project Learner Engage, Active Reading and Nurturing (LEARN) process.

No pandemic stopped the implementation of the project which aimed at improving the reading proficiency of pupils from Frustration level to Instructional or Independent levels. 

Through investigation of DPCGES reading catalysts, the group identified four root causes of pupils’ poor reading problems during the pandemic which includes reading preparation, limited reading materials, lack of cooperation of Home Learning Partners, and no gadgets and internet connection.

Rotary Club Mandaluyong assisted the school’s program by implementing the “Read Set Go! (Helping Grade 1 Student to Read) Project” to ease the budget matrix. 

The organization, led by Mr. Apollo Tan, Ernesto Lim and William Dalland III, donated P5,000 worth of load for DPCGES campus journalists, 260 books, three mobile phones, three printers, bond papers, and such school materials. 

Project LEARN is initiated by Junieli P. Dotado and Nelfa C. Canlog as team leaders, and coordinated by Geraldine E. Alampay and Normita C. Lozano.

“The support of the stakeholders gave us hope that no pandemic can stop us from achieving our goals to lift up our children’s abilities especially in basic reading”, Alampay said. 

Meanwhile, the reading implementers firstly conducted the Kabuhayan, Kaagapay para sa Kabataan (KKK) as an introductory program for Project LEARN which focuses on parents’ livelihood including soap making, urban gardening, and load selling.

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